ESCA Facilities

Published in Erasmus School of Creative Arts
ESCA Facilities

ESCA is housed in a 100m2 space that is furnished with new, traditional Beech benches, each with bench dogs, a shoulder vice and a tail vice.

The space, which is superbly lit with natural light, features a small machining area that is noise and dust isolated from the main area, and which is fitted out with its own saw, slot mortiser, square chisel mortiser, tenoner, drill press, router table and down-draft sanding table. This teaching area is climate controlled throughout the year, ensuring optimum comfort, and has tea and coffee making facilities.

Alongside this area is the main machine shop where all the heavy equipment is housed – this includes a surface planer, thickness planer, full sheet panel saw, spindle-moulder, stroke sander, thickness sander, overhead router, veneer re-saw, 5 operation combination machine and more. Next door to this is a timber storage area.

ESCA also has available for each student a full hand tool kit, comprising top quality tools, ready for use.